Wilson Evolution Basketball Review and Guide 2024

Wilson Evolution Basketball is the latest and greatest basketball on the market. It has several features that make it stand out from other balls. The most noticeable difference is the design. The Evolution has thirty-six panels, compared to the traditional twenty-eight or thirty-two panel balls. This design creates a more consistent bounce and a truer flight path. The ball is also made with a microfiber composite cover.

Wilson Evolution Basketball Popular Features


The Wilson Evolution Basketball has a superior grip because of its Premium Evo Microfiber composite cover. The 100% composite cover and inner channels offer outstanding grip and it’s satisfactory. Also, its wicking outer layer absorbs the moisture of hands. You will find the grooves on the ball wider than other branded basketballs for better control all around the ball when you use this ball.


The production of Evolution basketballs is known for its soft and sticky texture. The cushion core technology, which it’s known for, has maximum softening to the ball. Nevertheless, the outer material will fall apart on the harsh ground.


A basketball cannot be perfectly called the inverse of a ball without having experienced its bounce. The leading brand in basketball is known to have a sponge rubber with Better Bounce attributes. Moreover, it can keep the bounce as long as the minimum pressure is between 7 psi to 9 psi.


No one wants to change the ball every year. The microfiber material of the ball provides a level of durability that can withstand many seasons and beyond. With Wilson Evolution, players of any age possess the perfect durability-to-performance ratio. It outlasts the leather outdoor basketball. No doubt, the Wilson Evolution Basketball Drills Game is the appropriate choice for basketball training.

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Last Words

If you’re a basketball player and have ever dabbed in Wilson Evolution, you’re sure to want to play again with this beauty. Deeply soft and sticky, its outer layer of unusual premium Evo Fiber material absorbs the moisture of the palms and offers the ultimate grip.

Core cushioning technology offers a plush sensation, and it’s highly durable on account of microfiber material.

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