How Much Is a UFC Belt Worth?

The UFC champion belt is one of the most recognizable material items in martial arts and sports in general. The traditional UFC belt was made of gold-plated metal, but today the belt has been upgraded and even consists of gemstones that are only added with title defenses. Naturally, many fans wonder how much a real UFC belt is worth.

A real UFC championship belt is worth around $330,000. Its value increases based on the number of title defenses the champion has (gems ​​are added for each defense) and who the champion is.

These are a veritable set of questions that tend to keep some UFC fans awake after all this time. Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to clean up the dust on these issues for all of you. Replica UFC belts have also started circulating for collection purposes for fans.

How much is a UFC belt worth?

Getting a UFC belt is a big deal as we know, but the belt is worth more than we can estimate. All of these championship belts are gold-plated leather belts with over 2 pounds of gold covering the surface. Thus, the precious and priceless belts of UFC champions cost more than $300,000.

The belt weighs approximately 2.5 kg and covers a length of 50 inches with 16 brass straps. A velour cover is also provided for protection against any kind of damage.

New editions of the UFC belt

After 2019, the old ways of handing out the glorious UFC belt to title winners have changed a bit. Instead of receiving a new belt each time, they received a new stone for their pre-existing belt, with each stone representing a new title defense.

The price of this new design has not yet been calculated. Former championship belt holders often talk about having multiple belts in their possession, gathering dust in a room, but the new policy has completely overturned that image with the advent of the rocks criterion. The new belt is also known as the UFC Legacy belt.

Do UFC fighters keep their belts?

Every UFC champion keeps their belt after winning a title. This is how Demetrious Johnson has that famous picture with his twelve belts (11 title defenses plus the initial win).

However, since the introduction of the new UFC Legacy belt, champions no longer get a new belt for every title defense. Instead, the belt they already have is upgraded, adding a gemstone to one of the belt plates, symbolizing title defense.

How much does the UFC belt weigh?

As I mentioned, since the introduction of the UFC Legacy belt, champions keep their belt, and the belt they have is “enhanced” with a gemstone (ruby) for each title defense instead of getting a new belt every time. This makes UFC belts less common and therefore more valuable. This also means that virtually every belt has a different weight.

The old Classic UFC belts only weighed about 5.5 pounds each, and they were all the same. However, the Legacy belt is much more decorated and has a lot more accessories, so it also weighs more. Each Legacy belt weighs 10.45 pounds, and that number changes slightly with each title defense.

How much is the BMF belt worth?

The BMF belt was not an actual UFC championship belt, but rather a symbolic belt put in place for a fight between two fan-favorite UFC welterweight bad boys, Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal. Masvidal won the fight and the belt after the fight was stopped by the Octagon doctor, and the belt was never reintroduced.

The belt is black with dark silver plaques bearing Dana White’s signature and a 500 on one of the side plates (representing the live UFC 500 event). That means the BMF belt is worth a lot, right? Well not really. While unique and one of a kind, it still doesn’t come close to the price of a single UFC Legacy belt.

As White said, the BMF belt is priced at $50,000. Of course, if it were ever available (meaning if Masvidal decides to sell it), it would likely fetch a much higher price at auction because it’s one of a kind. to classify. A die-hard fan might pay over $500,000 for it, but we can’t really tell because it never sold.

So we can only work with the numbers we have, and it’s $50,000 versus over$300,000 for “new” Legacy belts.

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