10 Best vlogging Cameras in 2022

Best vlogging Cameras: A Vlog is usually referred to as a video blog in which the entire content is in a video format. Vloggers create a video of themselves in which they talk about a particular topic, like reviewing an event or maybe a product. 

Deciding best cameras cause the vloggers to note various factors and segments. Therefore, you need great versatility in choosing these cameras as different cameras cover different aspects of your needs. 

Selection of the best vlogging camera is hard, so one needs to know about its camera features and aspects. The most common problem is a consequence between budget and usage. Pro vlogging cameras are usually expensive and harder to use, while other ones are much easier. Other problems are battery error, lens error shutter error, S.D. card error, and many more. We’re here to provide you a detailed overview of vlogging cameras. According to our opinion best budget-friendly vlogging camera is the Canon EOS M50 of coast $659. 


Canon EOS M50

Best vlogging Cameras
Best vlogging Cameras

key features

  • Mirrorless
  • Image stabilization
  • Accurate autofocus
  • Dual-pixel


Canon EOS M50 is one of the most adorable vlogging cameras for professionals and also beginners. It has a 24.1-megapixel sensor, much like in other canon cameras, Sensor compresses the recorded data and converts it into a format of MOV or MP4, but MP4 is much better.

One important feature of cameras is DIGIC 8 processor. It’s the newest processor from Canon that can give us the best image quality all the time on the Sensor. It also has 143 autofocus points. This camera is specifically designed for beginners and people who are ready to step up from logo phone photography.

Image stabilization is a good feature it has that really helps in making a smooth and sharp video. Quality is quite good, not bad, looks beautiful in hands, and grip is also great. 

On the other hand, it has a flexible LCD as a viewfinder, flipping screen (3 inches in size) that everybody needs and likes, especially YouTubers. It also gives the ability to look for a viewfinder that’s a small oval deep finder. 

It has a touch screen that helps in changing the focus points by simply touching the screen that’s natural ideal for high and low angle shooting. Its video capture resolution is 1080p, while the weight is 0.85 Ibs that’s easy to carry.

The camera uses LPH 12 battery; you can buy some extra batteries for it. It allows an external microphone that is pretty better, but the issue is with its position. It’s right above the screen that hinders the flipping action of the screen. It has wider lenses. 

The autofocus system for videos is an amazing feature of this camera and gives better noise performance (best audio quality). You can slow down the Video without any image issues. We have a time-lapse feature, so we can record up to 4k time lapse.

Lenses are EF-m lenses; that’s a better choice. Other Canon cameras don’t have this lens. You can get an adaptor from Canon that can convert EF-m to E.F. standard, and you can also buy other EF-m lenses, but it’s costly. These lenses are tiny, so they give a great aperture. 

The dynamic range and the performances are really good. ISO performance is really decent. It has a compressed promotion that gives 40% less file size and gives the same resolution. It also has amazing wifi- connection ability, and the auto-transfer feature can also send a location from phone to camera. 

  • Small, light and portable
  • Lots of useful features
  • Amazing color science
  • Time lapse mode
  • Dual pixel autofocus
  • Crop factor at 4k
  • Maximum shutter speed is 1/4000s

Canon EOS T7

Best vlogging Cameras
Best vlogging Cameras

Key features:

  • 24 MP sensor
  • DIGIC 4+ processor
  • Full HD video recording


It’s one the best budget-friendly cameras having a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor, that’s exactly the same Sensor in the canon 80D camera for 1300$ but has a slightly lower-end image processor. 

This camera has 3 FPS continuous autofocus that’s super solid. So if you’re doing portraits, landscapes, or family vacations, what you have, you’ll get awesome videos. But it’s not good for actions like dance or sports, this camera isn’t quite faster, and you’ll lose your shorts. If you’re a casual shooter, you’ll be very happy.

Color science is a good feature it has that makes everything attractive. It has FHD 1080P. Feature of slow-motion is also present that’s up to 60FPS SLOW-MO at 720P. It doesn’t have any stabilization built into the Bodybody or the lens, so you’ll get a very good image, but when it comes to a video, you’ll get a little bit of issue, so you might be sure to keep the video stable or can stabilize the lens.

There’s no option of an external microphone. The Bodybody is lightweight and easy to carry also has friendly gripping. It has an onboard flash useful for low-light shooting. The flip screen is not present. It’s accessible to NFC and wifi connection that connects to the phone easily. It has ISO 100-6400 t24 M.P. sensor that is pretty enough to make a better video. 

  • Budget friendly
  • Extra battery and mini charger
  • Good coloring scheme
  • Not good for professionals.

Panasonic Lumix FZ80

Best vlogging Cameras
Best vlogging Cameras

Key features

  • Image stabilization
  • 18.1 mega pixel MOS sensor
  • 4k video capture
  • Good low light performance


It’s one of the best zoom cameras that can shoot up to 4k Video. It has an eye-catching Panasonic appearance. It’s equipped with a 60X zoom length that can zoom in and out using a side button.

The on-off button is also present at the top of the camera like that of FC-1000 and Panasonic G7; the moving record button is also present besides it that’s really easy to access. 

The flipping screen is not present, so changing angles and making vlogs is much tough. The menus on the camera are laid out in typical Panasonic fashion. 

The control button on the back is neatly laid out. Another impressive feature is the cameras’ electronic viewfinder that is very handy when shooting outdoors. It’s easy to grip just due to its deep, gripping handles. Quality is also fine.

FZ80s’ battery and S.D. card are present in the compartment at the bottom of the camera. You can carry a UHS class-free card if you plan to shoot a 4k video. The camera can be charged with the help of a charger provider or a USB that plugs into the side next to the micro HD MI pot the use to connect the camera to a T.V. or monitor. 

FZ80 is also present on a tripod that’s helpful in checking the video quality. The camera also has a popup flash to take photos in low light. It has a half-inch sensor like that of a high-end camcorder. It has 4k and 60X video capability good than Nikon B7. Video stabilization is not much good. It also has an LCD display.

  • 4k video recording
  • USB charging
  • Wifi connectivity
  • 20-1200 mm lenses
  • F2.8-5.9 aperture
  • Lens fogs up and take much time to recover


Best vlogging Cameras
Best vlogging Cameras

Key features

  • Waterproof
  • Touch screen
  • Live burst  
  • 4k HD video
  • 1080p video capture resolution


It looks like GoPro hero seven, but there are slight changes. There’s an in-belt that helps in mounting at any case or tripod that makes it a compact design. Three microphones are present, 1st at the front, 2nd at the bottom, and 3rd on the sidebar. 

The battery, memory card, and USB slot are present inside of the camera. So it’s good to have all things in one place. It has a 4k video resolution that gives a sharp end to footage. Also, the 12-megapixel cameras will make your photos more attractive. 

Lens protection glass is approx. 2mm that protects it. This camera has basically three modes that are photo mode, video mode, and time-lapse. Every mode has different presets. In the Video, there’s a slow-mo mode and cinematic as well, and we can also make up to 10 presets of our choice. 

In settings, you can raise the bit rate up to 100 Mbps depending on the mode. You can set ISO at three different stages like maximum, medium, and minimum. 

You can also set the shutter speed as you want. In night mode, you can take a shutter speed of 30. There’s a restriction about shooting in raw; only ultra-wide-angle is present. 

In the video section, there are four modes, ultra-wide, wide, linear, and narrow. Ultra-wide, wide, and narrow have 16 mm, 16-34 mm, 2x zoom angle of view, respectively, while linear has the same angle as that of the phone camera. In the photo section, there are three modes, wide, linear, and narrow. There are four image formats that you can use these are raw, standard, HDR, and super-photo.

The Video section has an option of hyper-smooth 2.0 (off, on, boost). It offers video stabilization from lower to higher-end and also causes a 10% crop. In time-lapse section is also a good and unique feature. 

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Waterproof material
  • Budget friendly
  • Not SD card included
  • Video can’t be edit

DJ I pocket 2

Best vlogging Cameras
Best vlogging Cameras

Key features 

  • Pocket sized
  • Active track 3.0
  • Handheld 3 axis gimble stabilizer
  • Motorized stabilization
  • AI editor


Don’t underestimate its size because you can shoot amazing videos from this camera. Basically, it comes in variations. One is the simple camera that you get, and the other is this one DJ I pocket 2, a creators combo pack. 

This pack is specially designed for creators that come with a bunch of additional accessories like an E microphone, wide-angle lens, a cute little tripod, a joystick controller and do it all handle. It comes with a cover protector that protects it and a very handy while vlogging,

It can also have a wide-angle lens and a couple of other things in it which manage stuff. It’s one of the smallest cameras I’ve ever seen. You get a longer extender called “do it all handle,” which helps in the situation.

On the front side, there are two buttons, one is the recording button, and the other is a photo or video toggle. By high, you can simply switch between photo and video mode. A jow-stick controller has to be attached at the front of it. It controls the gimble movements. 

The side button helps in changing the gimble settings. This camera has a 3-axis gimble stabilizer, so you can choose one among the following, tilt locked and FPV. It’s not waterproof, so you have to care much more for its protection. 

However, there’s a separate case that can waterproof the device, but you have to buy it separately. Using the deli pocket 2, you can shoot stable normal footages up to 4k 60FPS, 64-megapixel photos, panoramas, time-lapse, and slow-mo at 1080p resolution at either 120 or 140FPS. The colors of this camera are amazing and eye-catching. 

A touch screen is available. Pro mode has options of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed also. It handles movements very well, which means its stabilization capability is perfect. A wide-angle lens can attach magnetically to the camera so one can shoot with a wider perspective when you need. It has active track features. Basically, it actively tracks the subject’s movements and keeps them in focus. It enables you to shoot in 4 different formats.

You might think of the small screen, but don’t worry, it can attach to your phone by means of USB, and you’ll be able to see all camera content on your mobiles through the DJ I memo app. The company provides an extra lightning connector to I phone users. It has the ability to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth and wifi. These templates are also here to make photos and videos impressive. 

  • Miniature camera
  • Glamour effects
  • Enhanced audio
  • Can heat up
  • Battery life is little bit on low side

Sony A7 iii

Best vlogging Cameras
Best vlogging Cameras

Key Features

  • Mirrorless
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Image stabilization
  • Eye AF
  • Rechargeable battery

Review :

The best feature of this camera is eye autofocus that ensures the focus on the subject. Autofocus works in vertical and horizontal manners. To activate this feature, you should have gone into the setting bar, then the custom menu, and then have to select an option. 

The silent shutter is also a unique feature. EVF- electronic-view finder helps in determining underexposure and overexposure. In DSLR cameras, image stabilization is usually built in the lens and has different names (V.R., I.S., OIS). 

But in this camera, image stabilization is present inside the Bodybody of the camera that means you can get image stabilization by means of any lens, and you don’t have to change the lens for it. There are 693 phase detection autofocus points that are much better and faster than contrast-detection autofocus. 

It covers the frame up to 93% that means it can focus on those subjects that aren’t nearly present. It has E-mount lens compatibility that has two impressive features, first is less flange distance by means of which any 3rd-party type of lens can be fixed on it with the help of an adaptor. 

The Variety of features depends on a combination of adaptor and lens. Second, e-mount is an open standard mount so that any type of company can make a lens for this camera. It also has the feature of S&Q mode (slow and quick mode). 

You can make slow mode video by increasing the frame rate and can also make the fast mode by lowering the frame rate up to 1fps (1 frame per second). Another feature is face registration that specifies the subject focus. It can register eight face frames with a priority range that’s quite impressive. 24.2 megapixel BSI full frame-image sensor is available.

14 bit uncompressed raw and ISO is between 50 and 204,800. It can be connected with other devices via Bluetooth. 1200 zone evaluative metering is the feature of this product.   

  • Good battery life
  • Good image stabilization
  • No worries about lenses
  • Color science
  • Good picture quality
  • Raw file is about just 24-megabites
  • Video recording stops after 30 minutes

Sony Alpha a6400

Best vlogging Cameras
Best vlogging Cameras

            Key features

  • Mirrorless
  • Interchangeable lens
  • E-mount compatible
  • Image stabilization


Sony Alpha A6600 is a revolutionary camera with optical 5-axis image stabilization, 4k video resolution, and 11FPS shutting speed at 24 megapixels raw. It delivers crisp and natural colors. It also has high-density-tracking A.F. technology. 

It is embellished with tracking auto-focus and other promising features. Grip size is perfectly designed for vloggers to carry it in an effective manner. You can make slow-mo or fast videos without post-processing. It has a tilt-able LCD screen that’s really helpful for vloggers. In a box, it comes with a battery, A.C. adaptor, shoulder strap, body cap, eyepiece cup, micro USB cable, and shoe cap as well. The optical zoom figure is impressive and up to 2x. You should use an OSS Sony lens while shooting indoor to get better performance. 

  • Silent shutter
  • No record time limit
  • Process video files faster
  • Need tripod/ gimble for moving videos

Meva start

Best vlogging Cameras
Best vlogging Cameras

Key features

  • Wireless
  • Live streaming option
  • SD card available
  • Audio inputs
  • HD webcame mode


It’s a fully contained streaming device, all you need is a smartphone, and you can stream live without any difficulty. S.D. card is available for backup. It’s 1080P H.D. that can record up to 30 frames per second.

Zoom in and zoom out digital features are present here. Battery life is 4-6 hours, depending on the word you’re doing, but it’s quite enough. S.D. card is available in this camera device that is present at the back of the camera. It’s 20 megabits per second at 10 ADP.

It also has a variety of audio inputs, including 3 MEMS microphone arrays; internal microphones are present inside the top of the device but can also insert your own external microphone. Tripode option is present at the bottom, lose the screw and place it on the tripod and enjoy vlogging live stream. 

Automation options are also available the ultimately enhance the video quality. You can share your streaming to different platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin, etc. 4k quality video is present to provide the best quality product. Access to all features is free and easy, and different presets are available. This camera has a unique feature on NDI standards. 

It’s a low-coast self-contained NDI camera. NDI allows taking Video from your device to the production network flow. Open this mode from settings and get benefited from it. Live editing features are here with a dedicated IOS android Mevo camera app. Wireless H.D. webcam mode is present. Video capture format is H.264.  

  • Wireless
  • Compact size
  • Quality materials
  • Long battery life
  • Don’t zoom enough
  • Video recommended service is difficult to use

Sony AZ 1

Best vlogging Cameras
Best vlogging Cameras

Key features

  • Flip screen
  • Built in microphones
  • Touchscreen display
  • BIONZ X image processor
  • Fast hybrid AF system


This handy camera is very easy to carry and easy to use. It has a flip-over screen that helps very much in vlogging. The built-in microphone is also an amazing feature of the Sony AZ 1 present at the top of the camera, so there’s no wind issue, and you can perform your activity indoor or outdoor without any hindrance. 

But if you are at some place where are the chances of some hindrance, so don’t worry, it has a dead cat inside the box, you have to place it in a hot shoe, and it will block all wind. You can also place an external mic in this hot shoe. Autofocus is also an important feature that captures your face in focus, eliminating the background. 

There’s a product showcase mode it has that fastens the autofocus time, and everything will be in focus in seconds. The lens value is f 1.8 that enhances the quality in low light mode. Sensor size is not too much, so the background becomes blurry to some extent, not too much. This camera also has an S log picture profile on it (S log 2/3). 

Video quality is 4k that pretty much, but you’ll get slow-mo shoots only at 1080P. Lenses are fixed but can resize and move from one place to another. Micro size USB is available. You can buy 2 to 3 extra batteries as the cameras’ battery life is short.    

  • Small and handy
  • Comes with a dead cat
  • Amazing auto focus
  • Product showcase mode
  • Fixed lens
  • No touch screen
  • Less battery life  

Aasonnida FHD

Best vlogging Cameras
Best vlogging Cameras

Key fethures

  • Rotating screen
  • Pause function
  • Selfi mode
  • Optical sensor technology
  • Remote control


A camera with the best features, specifically designed for the vloggers, has ultra H.D. 1080P video resolution at 30FPS, so you’ll get good quality content. 

It has a 24-megapixel resolution for pictures to make them clear and sharp. CMOS, advanced high sensitivity, is designed for giving eye-catching content even in low light that has a good impact on this camera. This camera is also benefited from a remote control feature, so you can get Video and photos in any direction and angle. 

This multifunctional video camera with a microphone allows us to attach an external mic that eliminates noise and enhances sound quality. Other functions include 3 inches screen that can rotate at 270 degrees, built-in fill light, anti-shake, face detect, beauty face, self-timer, pause function, smile capture, and auto power off. It has a USB 2.0, that’s quite enough.

This can be used as a webcam for live streaming on youtube and other social media platforms and a perfect for daily video calls. It allows the feature of long time recording as it provides two batteries with it that’s an amazing benefit. 

  • Light weight
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Easy interface to use
  • Zoom quality is not too good


Choosing a perfect vlogging camera seems to be very hard, but it’s a tricky decision. You should choose it wisely after getting a detailed overview because buying a camera really costs a lot. If you buy a camera in a hurry that will not fulfill your requirements, then it’s not more than a useless one. If a photographer says this is one of the best cameras he ever used, then it’s the best in terms of photography, not vlogging, so be aware of these shit suggestions.

Among the ten products we have discussed, Canon EOS M50 (placed at the first point) is the best one for vlogging with all premium features that one wants to have. It cost around $659. 2nd option that you have is DJ I pocket2, which costs nearly $499. You may consider the Canon EOS T7, of cost $599, as a third option. All these cameras are amazing from vlogging point of view, and these may help you in creating good content. 

Buying Guide:

There are some factors that you must think about before going to buy your camera. You must have to know that for your purpose you have to buy a camera. Do you need a vlogging camera or a photography camera, or both? If you have a youtube channel and loves to go outside to different places, then you must buy a vlogging camera. But if you are interested in photography then buy a camera famous for taking pictures. There are four important factors to understand about buying a good camera that will really help you in fulfilling your dreams. These four important factors are type, company, requirements, and budget.

Type Of Cameras

There are various types of cameras that include following,

DSLR cameras : Stands for “digital single-lens reflex”. If you want to take professional photos then go for this type of camera. These cameras have a huge range of lenses including macro lens, tilt-shift lens, lensbaby lens and fisheye lens. There are two types of DSLR cameras one is the full-frame and the other one is the crop sensor. The sensor size of full-frame cameras is 35mm approx. while that of the crop sensor cameras are small but still larger than compact cameras and phones. When a person looks through a viewfinder of the DSLR he is actually looking through the lens by means of prism and mirror. When he pushes the click button, the light enters and reaches the sensor. Canon and Nikon are the two main companies producing DSLR for a long time. Other companies are also producing these cameras but have fewer lenses.   

Mirrorless cameras : As the name suggests, these have no mirror. When a person is looking through a viewfinder, he is actually pointing at the lens. Someone who shifts from DSLR to a mirrorless camera mainly has to struggle with a viewfinder. These cameras provide a large range of lenses. The first full-frame mirrorless cameras were produced by the collaboration of Sony. Fujifilm, Olympus, and Panasonic are also producing high-quality mirrorless cameras. These are famous to being light weight than DSLR having no compromise in quality but have shorter battery life due to compact size. So if you are looking for a mirrorless camera, go and buy some spare batteries first.

Bridge cameras: If you love photography then a bridge camera is specially designed for you. These are more capable than compact cameras and have no such limitations. A bridge camera with a viewfinder looks like a DSLR. Sensor size is not too big like that of a DSLR. These have fixed lenses, you can’t change the lens. Lenses have a zoom nature. These are less weight and easy to use, affordable and have appropriate size lenses. These ones are difficult to handle manually plus these have shorter battery life than a mirrorless or DSLR

Film cameras : Some beginners are using film cameras to improving their skills and style. However, professional photographers prefer to take photos with a film camera. These cameras have no screen so if there is a settings mistake, so you came to know about it after taking the film back from the lab. These cameras work in the same manner as that of the DSLR. Range finder film cameras are like mirrorless cameras but have no screen and no viewfinder. New ones are no not more common but there are many second-hand film cameras that are SLR, compact, medium and large format that usually use sheet film. These have great image resolution and are affordable but have no monitor.

360 cameras : Popular for taking panoramic photos perfect for outdoor photography. These are like action cameras and are weather resistants. With a single click, it takes an entire 360-degree view. It’s light-weight and can be mounted anywhere. Also allows live streaming but is sensitive to camera shake and blur. 360-degree cameras include GoPro Fusion, Samsung Gear 360, GoPro Max, Rico Theta 5 and Insta 360.

  • Company

Many companies are offering high-quality cameras. People use cameras for artistic purposes and recreational pursuits according to their preferences. Cameras’ company plays an important ant authentic role in the performance of a camera that you’re going to buy. There are some companies that you may consider, these are, 

  • Canon                                         
  • Nikon                                                                            
  • Olympus                                      
  • Fujifilm
  • Lumix
  • Samsung
  • GoPro
  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Essentials

You always buy a camera by considering your requirements.

  • Good ISO
  • Great aperture
  • Unbeatable shutter speed

Some other essentials are,  

  • Small size, so that it will be easy to carry and you can handle it without an ease.
  • Wide lens, minimum of 16mm focal length.
  • Microphone
  • A tripod, that helps in placing a camera on n mounted area.
  • A selfie stick, important when you’re going to travel with your friends or family.
  • Backpack mount
  • Drone, simply for getting an awesome bird-view of eye-catching place. 

So go for a camera having much of these essentials with it. Otherwise, you have to buy these separately.

  • Budget

Your budget defines your camera type and company. Some people can afford a really high range camera and it’s pretty cool but some go for a low price but wants the same quality but it’s not always possible. Canon is a good option that’s around $659. Go for a good quality, not a low budget.

  • Image quality

The image quality of your camera must be better than your phone otherwise there’s no benefit of your camera. Read the camera review carefully then choose one option.

  • Size

Choose a camera in size that you like. If you love a camera of a larger size then go for it and if love a smaller size camera then there are so many options of small and handy cameras go and buy one out of them.

  • Lenses availability

If you go for a compact camera that not allows the lens changing capability then you’ll no need to spend money on lenses but if you buy an interchangeable lens camera, keep an eye on lenses price and also second-hand availability.

  • Features

A good camera has the following features.

Touch screen

It’s a great feeling when you can use your smartphone gestures also on your camera.

Battery life

Longer battery life is very important if you have to use a camera for a long day. If your cameras’ battery life is not too long then buy 2 or 3 extra batteries. Point and shoot cameras and mirrorless cameras have short battery life than DSLR.

Autofocus tracking system

Its feature is usually limited to mirrorless cameras only.

High frame rate

It enables us to shoot multiple consecutive photos along capturing fast-moving action.

Dual memory card slots

Essential for placing multiple files and instant backup, but only if you’re a professional

High ISO

With high ISO, you can get good-quality photos and videos in low light without using a flash.

     Effects and presets

The camera offers different photo and video effects and presets that can make your content really eye-catching.

     External microphone

If a camera has low-quality audio then you can pin your own external mic but this feature is not present in all cameras. Check the audio quality of the camera before buying.

    Flipping screen

If you’re a blogger then you must know the importance of a flipping screen. During making a vlog if you can’t see yourself, then that camera is not more than shit.

   Electronic viewfinder

An EVF can display more information than an OVF and offers a WYSIWYG view.

   Image stabilization

An essential feature for handled shooting and smooth video recording 

   Raw image format

Raw files offer more flexibility when editing.

  Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC

Transfer videos and photos wirelessly via wifi or Bluetooth and can control the camera remotely


It’s necessary if you shoot in all weathers.

  Manual shooting modes

If interested in photography, a camera with manual shooting mode is essential.

What level camera should you buy?

                                     Camera levels guide; 

There are probably 6 levels of the camera only for video shooters and hybrid shooters to enhance your understanding so that you’ll buy your competitive partner. Let’s discuss these levels, hope so you’ll decide better after reading this.

Level 1.

               “Phone and microphone”

 In level 1, if you have a good phone that can focus easily, record good the video in decent light then you don’t have a need to buy a camera all you need is a microphone. The good quality audio is a vital product of video industry while the good quality video is optional. For instance, if you’re shooting by a precious camera and there’s a great noise behind it so it would get no public views. You can choose RODE microphones as,

  • Videomic NTG
  • Videomicro
  • Videomicro pro
  • Videomicro pro+
  • Videomic ME
  • Videomic GO
  • Wireless GO

LEVEL 2.   

                  “Point and shoot camera”

Point and shoot cameras include,

  • Canon G7X MK2
  • Canon G7X MK3
  • Sony RX100 series
  • Sony AZ1

Sony AZ1 can access external microphones while others do not.

Level 3.

               “Crop frame mirrorless cameras”

 These types of cameras give the following features

  • High frame rate
  • Changeable lens
  • 120 SPf
  • Slow motion
  • Picture profile
  • Picture grading
  • External microphone
  • 8-bit recording

Crop frame mirrorless cameras are,

  • Sony A6300
  • Sony A6400
  • Sony A6500
  • Sony A6600
  • Canon M series


Sony mirrorless camera + sigma 16MM 1.4 lens = best vlogging

Sigma 16MM 1.4 price ranges between $917-$1528.

Level 4.

              “Full frame mirrorless camera”

Benefits of this camera are,

  • Sensor wider
  • Better performance in light
  • Good quality voice
  • 10-bit recording
  • No pixelation/banding early

Cameras of this range are,

  • Sony A7 iii
  • Canon EOS R
  • Canon EOS RP
  • Canon ROS R6
  • Nikon z series
  • Panasonic S series
  • Fuji X series (crop series)

Level 5

            “12 bit raw video camera”

These include,

  • Canon EOS R6
  • Black magic BMPCC
  • Sony A7Siii
  • Cons of raw footage
  • Need fast cards
  • Need SSD drives
  • Need very fast computer to edit

Level 6.

              “Cinema camera”

Features of this camera are,

  • XLR input
  • Raw output
  • SDR
  • Gives dynamic range
  • Digital type look

Exposure triangle

The exposure triangle is a fundamental principle of photography both in film photography and digital photography. The exposure triangle consists of three keys,

  • ISO
  • Shutter speed
  • Aperture

These three keys complement each other, using one out of three is useless in photography. All these three determine the exposure of images. Let’s discuss this one by one,


It is mainly the light sensitivity of a camera. It is directly proportional to the brightness of photos. Higher the ISO value, brighter the pictures and vice versa. It is simply a camera setting that will brighten or darken the photos. It is actually helpful to get brighter pictures in a dim light shooting.

What does ISO mean?

The acronym ISO basically stands for “international organization for standardization” but camera ISO literally does not means an organization. However, two film standards ASA and DIN were combines into ISO standard in 1974, initially defined for film sensitivity but adopted by digital camera manufacturers as maintaining similar brightness as that of films.

   Common ISO values

Common ISO values are,

  • ISO 100 (low ISO)
  • ISO 200
  • ISO 400
  • ISO 800
  • ISO 1600
  • ISO 3200
  • ISO 6400 (high ISO)

   Base ISO

Lowest ISO value on the camera’s base ISO. It is an important setting that will ultimately produce the best image quality and minimizing the noise effect. One should use base ISO for getting the best quality pictures.

     Shutter speed

The shutter speed is the time for which the shutter remains exposed to the outside world and more light comes inside.It is one of the three keys of the exposure triangle. It is responsible for two things,

  • Brightness of pictures
  • Dramatic effects by either freezing action or blurry motion

The shutter is basically a curtain in front of the camera sensor that remains close. But when the camera fires, the shutter opens, expose the sensor to the light that has passed through the lens, then the shutter closes. The shutter button triggers the shutter to open and close.

     Common shutter speed values

  • 1 / 8000 (0.125 ms)
  • 1 / 4000 (0.25 ms)
  • 1 / 2000 (0.5 ms)
  • 1 / 1000 (1 ms)
  • 1 / 500 (2 ms0
  • 1 / 250 (4 ms)
  • 1 / 125 (8 ms)
  • 1 / 60 (16.7 ms)
  • 1 / 30 (66.7 ms)


It is the size of the aperture hole in the lens. The larger the hole, the brighter will be the picture. It works like our eyes, in photography pupil is the aperture hole. Aperture defines the photography dimensions.

Common aperture values

  • F1.4
  • F1.8
  • F2
  • F2.8
  • F4
  • F5.6
  • F8
  • F11
  • F16

Aperture and depth of field are related to each other. How? Let’s see.

Aperture sizeDepth of field
f/1.4Very thin
f/4Moderately thin
f/8Moderately large
f/22Very large

                                                         The Final Verdict

Cameras are usually very expensive and people buy these gadgets just to take sharp photos and to get flawless video. There are many companies that are offering high-quality cameras with the latest features. But it is always difficult for a person to choose the right one. If you have such a mentor who can teach you in a better way, then seek help from him but if there is no such a person then this article is basically written just for you. It is filled with 10 famous product reviews, their pros and cons, camera types and its essentials keeping your requirements and budget in mind along with camera levels guide and triangle exposure. All these things will help you in determining your best camera partner, while triangle exposure will teach you the camera basics that are very essential for beginners like how to take better photos or how to make a smooth video.

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